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About us

Welcome in Internet shop "LuxBelts By Vitaly Pol"!

Of you we already met many at our exhibitions. Many see our production for the first time.

Therefore I wish to tell some words about and our studio.

My name is Vitaly Polosukhin (Vitaly Pol). I am a designer, and all products of our studio are created under my sketches. Each thing remembers heat of my hands. I have begun the professional work in 1991. More than 20 years of work in this direction are a serious term.

Many long years works, supply and demand studying, participation in large exhibitions and cooperation with designers of clothes have given me that irreplaceable experience, leaning on which, it is possible to confirm with confidence: now I know, how the modern, actual, stylish and original accessory should look. And on what curves it should be made of what material, that ideally "sat" on a figure and rushed long and with pleasure.

About our studio.

Than our studio differs from thousand other manufacturers all over the world? Individuality, fast reaction to the basic fashionable tendencies and quality.

The basic direction of activity of our studio - working out and manufacture of accessories from a genuine leather.

We are engaged ONLY in accessories! Design and manufacturing of bags, belts, bracelets, etc. - our BASIC specialisation. It is very important! After all only real professionals are capable to make the present ornament of a usual belt! Speech does not go about a heap of shouting buckles, bright a paste and other. I speak about a noble combination of style and quality.

Each our product is author's. We watch closely world tendencies in a fashion, and we create models which are actual on the given interval of time. But you will find that "something special", that stroke which will allocate it from mullions-strong weight in each thing. And it not mere words. People, once having got our accessories, become constant clients and tell about us to friends. And it is the appreciation which the master can receive.

All products are made by the limited circulations. There are absolutely exclusive models which are let out in the single copy. Basically, it is belts and bags from especially valuable kinds of leather with use of rare accessories. Successful models repeat, but are estimated in units.
If you appreciate exclusive, an urgency and high quality - you our client!

More in detail about my works and studio you can read on a site: www.vitalypol.ru

Yours faithfully, Vitaly Polosukhin (Vitaly Pol).

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